Thursday, February 26, 2015

Minecraft for Writers Week

This week students at Hernandez Middle School are using the Library World from Minecraft Edu to build and then write about what they build. Students have a book and quill and are to write about why they built what they built and to describe it. The Library World has a library they can place their story in. I modified it by asking the students to put their book in the library. So far I am getting some pretty good stories and some good building design. I will publish the best story from the group next week.

Minecraft at TCEA

This past week Sara Richards, Lori Lind, Cara Shipp and I presented what we learned from piloting Minecraft on our campuses to a full session at TCEA. It was fun to see several other Minecraft sessions at TCEA this year. Minecraft is starting to catch on and I can't wait to see where it goes. I know now how my students felt when they were showing me what they knew about Minecraft. This time I got to share my enthusiasm with educators just learning

Sara, Lori and Cara are a great resource and I am so very honored to be working with. I am also excited to see other schools in Round Rock ISD join us in spreading minecraft in education.

My Robotics team used Minecraft edu for their Robotics Project this year. The project question was "How could we improve the way people learn chemistry/" The answer was of course MINECRAFT.
As my students were researching how to help students learn chemistry better they found the Minechem mod and used it to demonstrate how it could help students learn about chemisty. Although we ran into problems getting it to work all the time, it did give them enough information to present Minechem as a possible way to teach chemistry. I will keep working with Minechem and see how we can integrate in our chemistry units in Middle School.